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      Employee Resource Systems (ERS) is our new Members Assistance Program provider. Their counsellors can help you find solutions for your legal, financial, relationship, addiction, mental health and parenting challenges and provide referrals to caring professionals. Call ERS anytime day or night at 800-292-2780.

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Prescription Drug and Behavioral Health Benefits
Welcome to EIT Benefit Funds
There are two main areas of the site: one for participants who participate in the various plans and one for employers who make contributions to the plans. We have also included a brief history of the plans in the About Us section. There is also a contact list for Fund Office staff as well as links to various service providers, related entities and other useful sites.


Employee Resource Systems   

Compassion Fatigue: Increasing Resiliency

Caregivers often take on the emotions of those they help or rescue. After understanding how compassion fatigue can develop, you’ll learn specific strategies to reduce stress and to develop resilience. Click here to read more about how to tune in to this online seminar.

Raising Well-Adjusted Kids

Children who have healthy relationships with parents, teachers and caregivers are more likely to thrive both emotionally and physically. Join ERS’ online seminar as they review the current research and science behind raising well-adjusted kids. Learn tips to foster positive mental health in the children and teens in your life. This online seminar is available, on Demand, starting on May 16th. Click here to read more about how to tune in to this online seminar.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equip¬ment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites. Click here to learn more about identifying when someone you love is being cyberbullied and what you can do about it.

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  Monday - Friday   8:30am-4:30pm
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