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      Construction & Communication Participants: Information regarding your HRA will be mailed by WageWorks on 12/24/18. WageWorks debit cards will be mailed 12/31/18.

Beginning January 1, 2019 for participants in the Construction and Communication Plans who have worked on or after June 1, 2018, the EIT Board of Trustees introduced a valuable new tool to help you pay for health care – the Heath Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). As you work, the HRA credit balance will continue to grow and any remaining balance will roll-over year to year.

Below you will find a link to the Conduit which was mailed by EIT in the first week of October 2018 and the Quick Start Guide that was mailed by Wage Works mid-December 2018. These documents will help explain how the HRA works and how to submit claims for reimbursement.

EIT has partnered with WageWorks to assist in the administration of the HRA. You may have already received the WageWorks Healthcare Debit Card that can be used at your doctor’s office and pharmacy.

At this time, WageWorks is experiencing issues with processing “electronic” claims for dates of service between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. EIT is working closely with WageWorks to ensure and expedient resolution to this problem. Please note, this issue is limited to submission of claims using your online account and the EZ-Receipt app. In the meantime, you may submit your claims for this period by completing the WageWorks “Pay Me Back Claim Form” below and faxing your claim form and itemized receipt to 877-353-9236 or mailing it to CLAIMS ADMINISTRATOR, P.O. Box 14053, Lexington, KY, 40512. Please check back with our website for future updates regarding the resolution of this issue.

Important Links

CONDUIT - The New HRA for Construction Plans

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WageWorks® Claim Form

Welcome to EIT Benefit Funds
There are two main areas of the site: one for participants who participate in the various plans and one for employers who make contributions to the plans. We have also included a brief history of the plans in the About Us section. There is also a contact list for Fund Office staff as well as links to various service providers, related entities and other useful sites.


Employee Resource Systems   


ERS Online Seminars are available on demand and remain available for you to access ANY time, on your schedule. Click here to see upcoming schedule of webinars for 2018. To access these valuable life coaching webinars, visit the ERS website ( www.ers-eap.com ) and enter the Username: EIT and Password: MAP

Maintaining Respect and Civility in the Workplace
Workplaces bring together people with differing viewpoints, backgrounds and belief systems. The potential for conflict may be inevitable, which could impact productivity and morale. Join ERS, on or after April 17, 2018, as they identify methods to assertively address inappropriate conduct in the workplace to promote a healthy work environment.

Information Overload
It is estimated that more information has been created in the last years than was created in all of humankind before that! Managing the enormous amount of information that is thrown at us may be difficult. Understand what contributes to information overload by joining ERS for the September online seminar and learn how to apply tips and tools for effectively managing information.

Bereavement: Coping with Loss
Grief and loss trigger conflicting emotions. Check out this ERS webinar, that helps explore the differing reactions to a variety of losses, why some people can get stuck in a “grief rut” and provides suggestions to help you identify healthier ways to grieve.

Emotional Support: Staying Balanced in a Changing World
Feeling good about yourself and your life, being curious about the world around you, and enjoying what you do are all aspects of what is called “well-being.” It also includes having positive relationships, a feeling of control over your life, and a sense of purpose. Ways to increase your personal well-being include connecting with others, being active, continuing to learn, and giving back. Your Members Assistance Program (MAP) can help you discover new ways of enhancing your well-being.

Compassion Fatigue: Increasing Resiliency
Caregivers often take on the emotions of those they help or rescue. After understanding how compassion fatigue can develop, you’ll learn specific strategies to reduce stress and to develop resilience.

Raising Well-Adjusted Kids
Children who have healthy relationships with parents, teachers and caregivers are more likely to thrive both emotionally and physically. In this online seminar, ERS reviews the current research and science behind raising well-adjusted kids. Learn tips to foster positive mental health in the children and teens in your life.


Planning for Retirement
Retirement is expensive. Experts estimate that you will need about 70% of your preretirement income to maintain your standard of living when you stop working. Take charge of your financial future. This newsletter provides helpful hints on saving for your future. It also includes other articles relating to staying healthy, having health relationships and keeping your home healthy!

How to Manage Your Debt
Managing finances today is a balancing act that requires savvy and skill. The answer lies in being able to determine what is essential and non-essential. Some debts are more important than others. If you are having trouble paying your bills, take the time to prioritize your debts and set budgets. Here are some helpful tips on how to determine which debts are essential and which aren't.

What is Cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites. Learn more about identifying when someone you love is being cyberbullied and what you can do about it.

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