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ACA Notice


What happens if I lose EIT health coverage?

What should I do if I lose EIT health coverage?

When are the Marketplace's open enrollment periods?

What happens if I miss the Marketplace's open enrollment periods?

What if I enrolled in Marketplace coverage and become eligible for EIT health coverage again?

What do I need to know when filing my tax return?

Affordable Care Act (“ACA”)
As you may already be aware, the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) has made some changes to the health care system, including covering adult child dependents until age 26 and implementing the new Marketplace for health insurance coverage.

For those of you who are currently covered under an EIT Health & Welfare Plan, your coverage under EIT substantially exceeds all the minimum coverage standards established by ACA. No action is required. If you are not currently covered by the EIT Health & Welfare Fund or if you should lose EIT coverage, you may wish to compare the EIT COBRA coverage to the health insurance coverage available on the Marketplace.

Below are links to some helpful resources that may assist in answering your questions regarding ACA and the Marketplace.
ACA Resources: Marketplace Information & Resources:
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