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Contact Us  

Contact Us
EIT Benefit Funds
6195 West 115th Street, Alsip, IL 60803

Main Phone Number: 312-782-5442
Main Fax Number: 312-782-4431

Be safe! Do not send your SSN via e-mail!

General Questions

Email :


All EIT related questions


Phone Directory


Press 2:

For all Pension inquiries, including Pension Plan 5

Unemployment (SUB)

Press 3 :

For all SUB inquiries, including verification of receipt of SUB faxes

Health & Welfare

Press 4:

For all Health & Welfare inquiries, including Eligibility, COBRA, Medical, Disability, Workers' Compensation and Subrogation

Contribution Accounting & Collections

Press 5 :

For all Contractor inquiries, including work reporting and roster updates


Press 6 :

For all Contractor inquiries, including work reporting and roster updates

IT & Self-Service Assistance

Press 7 :

For assistance with Participant and Employer Self-Service login or other IT related issues

Directory by Name

Press * :

To access the directory of staff members by name

Executive Director

Contact :

Erin Keane



EIT Benefit Funds - Board of Trustees
Union Trustees
Donald Finn - Business Manager/Financial Secretary
Brian Brown
Kevin Connolly
John P. Dalton
Jim Conaghan

Employer Trustees
Kenneth Bauwens - Chairman of the Board of Trustees
David Witz
Jeff Weir
Kevin O'Shea
Michael R. Walsdorf

Associate Union Trustees
Alyssa Cruz
Daniel Zaragoza
Mark Cavaiani
Tim Fitzgibbons
William Guinane
Sam Lovato

Associate Employer Trustees
Mark Thomas
Steve Diamond
Tom Rivi

All questions and requests for information should be sent in writing to the Trustees at the following address:

Attention: Fund Administrator
EIT Benefit Funds
6195 West 115th Street
Alsip, Illinois 60803