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Participant Center Building, Hotel, Sign and Maintenance Participants

About the Plans
Health and Welfare Plan
Pension Plan No. 2
Pension Plan No. 5

About the Plans
EIT Benefit Funds (EIT) administers the following plans on behalf of Miscellaneous participants:

Health and Welfare Plan
Provides medical, dental, vision, prescription drug coverage, hearing, mental health, accident and sickness, life insurance and disability benefits.

Pension Plan No. 2 Building, Communication, Hotel, Maintenance, Sign and other miscellaneous Employees (formerly Pension Plan No. 4)
A defined benefit pension plan designed to provide participants a monthly income in retirement.

Pension Plan No. 5
A defined contribution pension plan with self-directed investment options designed to provide participants with additional income and financial options in retirement.

Please note that your participation in any or all of the plans above is based on terms of the collective bargaining agreement negotiated between your employer and Local Union No. 134, IBEW. You may or may not participate in all of the plans listed above.

For further information on any of the plans above, please click on the name of the plan. You will be directed to the additional information about the plan you are interested in.

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