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Participant Center Construction Participants

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Health and Welfare Plan
Pension Plan No. 2
Pension Plan No. 5
Supplemental Unemployment
HRA Plan (Integrated)

Pension Plan No. 2
The Summary Plan Description (SPD) of Pension Plan No. 2 as it applies to participants who retire or terminate employment on or after July 1, 2007, and includes changes to the plan made by the Trustees through July 1, 2009. If you left covered employment before this date, some of the provisions in this booklet won't apply to you. You will be treated in accordance with the plan provisions in effect on the date you left covered employment.

Every effort has been made to describe plan provisions in a manner intended to be understood by plan participants. If there is any variation between the language in the SPD booklet and in the plan itself, the plan language will prevail.

If you need more information, you may examine copies of the collective bargaining agreement and other related documents at the Fund Office.

To understand the plan, you must read the whole booklet. The plan may provide retirement or disability benefits for you and survivor benefits for your spouse.

Please refer to the files to understand the current benefits offered by the plan.

The plan is financed by contributions from the participating employers to the Trust Fund. The plan's actuary determines the amount of contribution that must be made to fund the benefit requirements for Pension Plan No. 2. Investments are made by investment managers chosen by the Trustees.

Benefit Update - April 2021
•  COVID-19 Assistance Program (CAP)

Benefit Update - December 2019
•  Pension Increases and 13th Check for Eligible Retirees

Benefit Update - October 2017
•  Increase to Pension Benefit Accrual Rate

Benefit Update - September 2012
•  Increase to Accrual Rate

Summary Plan Description - October 2012

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